IDPoint XID is the Nucleus of the Gaming Regulatory Process

Licensing, Investigations, Compliance, and Reporting in one fully integrated and comprehensive package.

The only Gaming Regulatory Software that is fully integrated among all modules with interactive real-time access to all data.   XID also includes comprehensive system-wide tracking: all access is tracked, all changes are tracked.    

IDPoint, Ltd. owns all of the rights to the software we sell.  This eliminates the need for the bloated prices of other systems that claim to be better.  Better does not need to be expensive or flashy, Better just works, like IDPoint XID

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IDPoint, Ltd. has been providing services to Gaming Regulatory Agencies for over 20 years. Our first installation is still running and filling the needs of that client 24 years later. Our experienced staff has received certifications for Commissioner training, held positions such as Commissioner and Licensing Manager, and have helped create a Gaming Commission and open a casino. 

Built by You for You

We started with just one module then listened to our client's needs to built the 27 modules that now comprise IDPoint XID. Our staff is dedicated to our clients and meeting the ever-changing regulatory requirements imposed by State and Federal agencies. 

We create what we sell

All IDPoint XID Software, processes,and intellectual property are created and wholly owned by IDPoint, Ltd. There are no outside interests and we do not depend on any other source to provide ideas, updates, or upgrades.  We do not use or rely on "cloud services" and strive to protect the independence and sovereignty of our Native People.

Built around Your Processes

Our knowledge of the Licensing and Regulatory processes and our ability to transform your needs to a user-friendly interface simplifies and streamlines the user's experience and increases the effectiveness of your agency.

Our Software

IDPoint XID is comprised of many Modules that can be divided into four groups:


ToDo List
NOR Submissions
BI Provider Interface
Transport Module
Promotion Module
Badge Creation
Visitor Tracking
Exclusion Module


Vendor Licensing
Vendor Employee Licensing
Property Licensing
Property Employee Licensing
Vendor Web Applications
Individual Web Applications
Background Processing
Screening Processes
Document Management


Incident Report Module
Log Module
WatchList Module
Self-Exclusion Module
Machine Compliance Module
Document Management


Instant Statistics on Dashboard
FastReport on all Search Screens
Customizable Module Reports
Customizable Ad-Hoc Reports
Month-end Reports
Year-end Reports
Printed License

Why should you choose us?

For over two decades IDPoint, Ltd. has provided a secure and user friendly interface to maintain and track your Licensing, Investigation, and Compliance processes.  All of our Modules are interconnected with one secure login and one intuitive main screen, simplifying the arduous tasks of the regulatory process.

IDPoint, Ltd. is dedicated to provide relevant products to our customers. In all endeavors we consider the needs and culture of our customers and respect and strive to protect the sovereignty of the Native Tribes and People.  


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